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Below you will find a listing of the videos in which Jason has appeared.
Many of these titles are available at
Jason's Online Store.

Video Title Studio
"Abercrombie's Bitch" Grapik Art Production
"Aim To Please" Falcon/Mustang
"As Big As They Come III" Falcon/Jocks
"Ass Lick Alley" All Worlds
"Barback Bondage Bottom"
(Barback, folks, not bareback)
Bound And Gagged Video
"Bondage Hangover" Grapik Art Productions
"Chapters" Titan/Satyr
"The Cockpit Club" Tribal Pulse Productions
"Convictions, Part 1" Falcon/Jocks
"Daddy's Discipline" Grapik Art Productions
"Descent" Hot House
"Don't Ask Don't Tell" MSR Video
"Easy Inn: No Vacancy" Titan
"Escape to Echo Beach" Catalina
"Face Riders" MSR Video
"Fantasies of a Pig Bottom" Atron
"Feast" Grapik Art Productions
"Final Link" All Worlds
"First Crush" MSR Video
"Forced To Submit" Tribal Pulse Productions
"Give and Submit" Squared Circle Production
"Glory Holes of San Francisco" Oh Man!
"Good Measure" Grapik Art Productions
"Hand Over Fist" Hot House/Club Inferno
"Hard Bargain" Grapik Art Productions
"Hard Daddy" Grapik Art Production
"Heat" Titan Media
"Homo Erectus" MSR Video
"How the West Was Hung" All Worlds
"I Seduced a Straight Guy" All Worlds
"Iron Will" Falcon/Mustang (MVP-058)
"Locker Room Shave Down" All Worlds
"Lust" All Worlds
"Mat Heat" Squared Circle Production
"MANeuvers: Agony of Victory" Sports & Recreation
"Marine Bondage" Grapik Art Productions
"Masters and Slaves: Opposite Attractions" Bound and Gagged Video
"Masters and Slaves #2: Ties
that Bind"
Bound and Gagged Video
"Moan" VividMan
"Pharaoh's Curse" Men of Odyssey
"Phoenix Rising" Falcon/Jocks (JVP-094)
"Pillage & Plunder" Rascal Video
"Please Sir" Grapik Art Productions
"Porn Struck V" All Worlds Video
"Public Submission" Grapik Art Productions
"Resurrection" Hot House Video
"The Rookie" Grapik Art Productions
"Score" Catalina
"Serviced" Falcon/Jocks (JVP-093)
"Sex Pack One: Four Tight Tales" Raging Stallion
"Sex Pigs" MSR Video
"Sextortion" Catalina
"Show Hard: Make it Spit" Tribal Pulse Productions
"Skuff" Hot House
"SOMA Submission" Grapik Art Productions
"Sting: A Taste for Leather" Falcon (FVP-124)
"Tag Team" Titan
"Taken and Used" Grapik Art Productions
"Tale from Two Cities" Catalina
"Tulsa County Line" Men Of Odyssey
"Up for Grabs" Falcon/Mustang (MVP-057)
"Well Trained" Grapik Art Productions
"Yes Sir" Grapik Art Productions