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Birthday December 5, 1963
Sign Sagittarius
Hometown Chicago, IL. (Born and Raised)
Now Resides In San Francisco, CA.
Height 6' 2"
Weight 195 Lbs.
Hair Light brown
Eyes Green
Cock Thick, 9 inches
Cut/Uncut Mostly cut
Sexually Top/Versatile ("I believe that to be a good top, you have to know how to be a good bottom.")
Favorite Foods I love all kinds of food (A juicy steak, fried chicken, my Grandmother's strawberry and rhubarb pie, pudding (chocolate or tapioca), cream pies, and éclairs.  A good hot fudge sundae always hits the spot - not to mention Dean's Molten Chocolate Cake.
Least Favorite Foods Cooked spinach (it's one of the few times that you'll see me gag), Brussels sprouts, steak tartar, numerous animal parts that should never come near the mouth and any type of Velveeta dish.
Bart is a Siamese dwarf rabbit. I got him when he was a baby while I was living in Paris. He'll be 14 years old this spring. Yep, that makes him an old timer.
2 Best Character Traits I'm very loving and generous.
2 Worst Character Traits I can be impatient and certainly can be a workaholic.
Exercise Routine/Habits I go to the gym at least 5 times a week, but that varies depending upon my travel schedule.
Favorite Movies Currently they are "Big Fish" and "Bowling for Columbine."
Favorite Music I like all types of music, though care less for heavy metal.
Favorite Things To Do To Relax And Unwind Cooking, traveling, being outdoors, hiking, listening to music, reading a good book, hanging with my friends and family, getting naked -- being naked.
Favorite Movies I've Appeared In Here are at least 4 of my favorites: "Tulsa County Line" by Men of Odyssey, "Masters and Slaves" by Bound and Gagged Video, "Resurrection" by Hot House and "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" by MSR Video.
XXX Costar I'd Do Again In A Minute Park Wiley, Scot Craven, Steve Cassidy.
Fantasy Man Someone who is honest, communicative, open minded, loving, a great kisser ....
Sexiest Part Of A Man His mind.
Started Porn October 1997.  I started out working in the industry only on a part time basis. In 1999 I left my job to work in porn full time.
"Man of the Year for 2003"; Men Magazine-Germany 
Ich moechte mich bei allen meinen deutschsprachigen Fans fuer die Aufstellung als "Man of the Year 2003" in der deutschen Ausgabe vom 'Men' Magazin bedanken. Vielen Dank fuer Eure Unterstuetzung und all die eMails.
 "The Grabby Awards Wall of Fame 2003"
Inducted for my contributions to both the Grabby Porn Awards and the Gay Porn industry.

"Nastiest Leather Stud" ; 2001 Men in Video Awards

"Best Oral Scene"; 2000 GayVN Awards for my role in "Ass Lick Alley"

"Best Top"; 1999 Unzipped Magazine

"Best Performer"; 1999 Grabby Porn Awards;

FAQ's (This is where the webmaster gets to ask some questions !!)

How Did You Get Into Porn? Back in 1997, a former boyfriend of mine suggested that we do a few videos to help pay for our plane tickets as he was living in Portland, Oregon at the time. He contacted a few companies, we then interviewed with them at which time we scheduled a weekend when my boyfriend could come down to San Francisco for a video shoot. They liked my work and then little by little I started to get more work with other companies.
What were you looking for when you got into it?
I really didn't have any preconceived idea about the porn industry or what it might offer me. I really just kind of stumbled into it. I never even had an idea that I was becoming as popular as I was. I would do my video work on the weekends and then go back to my day job on Monday. The companies never told me that my videos were selling as well as they were. It obviously wasn't in their interest as I could then ask for a higher fee.


What is the most turned on you have ever been on screen?
There are several examples I could give for different reasons though the one that came to mind is the video "Barback Bondage Bottom" by Bound and Gagged Video. By the way that's Barback not bareback.
What gets you hotter than anything?
Guys who are really into what they are doing sexually. It's all about one's sexual energy.
Where Is The Weirdest Place You've Ever Had Sex? To date, it has to be in the middle of a flood plain in Patagonia, Argentina.  It was sexy and naughty.
If Someone Were To Come To You For Advice About Getting Into The XXX Business, What Would You Tell Him?

First, you need to be sure that this is what you really want to do. Porn isn't for everyone. If you aren't comfortable with people knowing that you are doing porn then don't do it. You can't do well in this industry if you are ashamed of what you are doing.

So once you have really decided this is for you then you need to get some photos taken. A digital camera will do. You don't have to go out and get professional photos taken. You just want to give the different companies an idea of what you look like nude, both front and back. Hard on pics are always a good thing to add.

You should include a letter of introduction. Just tell them about yourself (height, weight, sexual preference, cock size, any special "abilities", etc.) Before you send your stuff out, be sure to check out the companies' websites or videos. You will want to make sure that it is the type of sex you get into. So if you're not into bondage, then you probably shouldn't contact a bondage company.

How Is The Celebrity Of Being A Porn Star Different From What You Thought It Would Be?
I never had any preconceived notion about the celebrity of my work. It has always amazed me though and I am extremely grateful for the long term success that I have enjoyed. I'm very grateful that the fans have enjoyed my work as much as they do.


What Has Been The Most Unusual Sexual Thing A Director Has Asked You To Do? And Did You Do It?
The first thing that comes to mind would have to be sitting in a corner and peeing all over myself while 3 other guys stood around me and pissed themselves as well. This was in the video "Final Link." Of course I did. It was a lot of fun actually...a bit twisted but a lot of fun.
If You Could Be A Famous Person For One Day, (Past Or Present) Who Would You Be?
George W. Bush. This way I would try to create some order out of the chaos that he and his administration have caused in the world.
What Is Your Favorite Food After Sex And Why?
Food? I prefer to snuggle with my partner afterwards. That's one of the best parts. That's food for the soul I guess.


Finish This Sentence: "If I Wasn't Making Porn, I'd Be …."
I would still be working in Behavioral AIDS Research at the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies at UCSF.


Underwear Of Choice? Boxers most of the time though naked when it's very hot out. This doesn't happen often as I live in San Francisco  
What Did You Do Before Getting Into Porn? I used to work at the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies-UCSF doing behavior AIDS Research. I left UCSF back in 1999 to work full time in the industry. It is still an area that is very important to me. I try to volunteer my time and help to AIDS Fundraisers as much as my schedule allows.

Will Clark's Annual Bad Boy Pool Party AIDS Fundraiser is an event in which I help out yearly.

Lesser Known Facts

Education BA in Speech Communication
BA in French
Graduated Pi Delta Phi (French Honor Society)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Masters Degree in International Relations (MIR)
Boston University
Paris, France Campus

Sorbonne University
French language certificate
Paris, France

Goethe Institute
German language Certificate
San Francisco, CA
Languages English
Some Mandarin Chinese
Life's Journey So Far ... I have had the incredible good fortune to be able live and work/study in the following places:

Dijon, France
Ipsos, Corfu, Greece
Taipei, Taiwan
St. George's Cove, Bermuda
Sydney, Australia
Paris, France
Sint Truiden, Belgium
Countries That I've Visited
Australia, Austria, Argentina, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Scotland, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Tahiti, Wales
Some of you may know that I have been in several plays over the years. I've actually met a lot of you at these productions which has been great fun.
"Making Porn"
Wilton Playhouse
Wilton Manors/Fort Lauderdale, Florida
April 2000
"Making Porn"
Plays and Players Theater
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
August 2000
"Making Porn"
Bathurst Street Theater
Toronto, Ontario
January - February 2001
"Shooting Porn"
Victoria Theater
San Francisco, California
April 2001
"Shooting Porn"
Theater Building
Chicago, Illinois
July - August 2001